Sneak Peak of CAT-ACCA with Yayasan Peneraju

Specially for Professional Accountants Dreamers

Posted by Dzharif Aressa binti Sabri on August 24, 2021

Hye! These are some of my stories as to why I chose the CAT-ACCA programme and my interview experience for Yayasan Peneraju scholarship. After my SPM results were out, I started to worry about my future. This is the time in which you have to make a life-changing decision (despite barely being an adult), because your future ultimately depends on you. As people say, we determine our own paths, and I didn’t want to mess things up. Not that my results were bad, but it was nerve-racking just to think about the uncertainties of the future.

I have always dreamt of being an accountant before but never have I thought of being a professional one. After doing countless research on this CAT-ACCA programme, I still kind of contemplated whether to apply it or not. Hearing a lot of positive stories and encouraging words from people about this programme, I decided to give it a shot, and now, I think that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

When I was applying for this scholarship, I was really worried because the minimum requirement was set a bit lower than any other scholarships I’ve seen and applied to. This programme is quite unknown for SPM leavers and almost all of my friends who wanted to pursue Accounting prefer taking a degree rather than this professional course. The CAT-ACCA programme by Yayasan Peneraju offers you to complete these programmes within 4 years. 1 year for CAT and another 3 years for ACCA.

People say it's gonna be tough and you might fail those papers but let me tell you the perks of taking this programme. ACCA is globally known and by the time you complete this programme in 4 years of time, you will be graduating at the age of 22 as a fresh graduate. Demand for professional accountants are exceptionally high in the real world nowadays, thus making you kind of a hot shot in the industry.


After you apply, they will send you an email to inform you regarding the upcoming stages you will face. Due to this pandemic, online assessments for English and Mathematics (Stage 1) and the phone call interview (Stage 2), were conducted online and it was rather easy compared to other scholarships, truthfully.

I can assure you that it will be doable as long as you read the questions correctly. As for the phone call interview, some tips that I would like to give you is to listen attentively to everything the interviewer says and try to do some research beforehand. The interview was for 5-10 minutes approximately.Try to answer everything confidently because they want to see how you handle it.

All of the questions were mainly about your interest to be a professional accountant, and your knowledge about the Accounting industry. So no worries, just enjoy the 5-minute interview! It isn’t something to be too anxious for. For me, it was not as nail-biting as I had expected it to be mainly because it was a phone call interview rather than a video call interview. But changes could happen, so you might want to get ready for a video call interview this year!

Closing Remarks

After the two stages were done, in about two weeks, they will send you an email if you are successfully selected as one of the scholars of Yayasan Peneraju. It was rather shocking when I first saw the headline of the email because it was kind of a subtle one, you could’ve easily missed it or thought it was a scam or something. True enough, as I read the email all over again, I was really selected and could never be happier at the moment.

Being a Yayasan Peneraju scholar by far is a good experience for me as I have people keeping an eye on my grades just to make sure I do well in this course. I think this is all I have to share for now, and I really recommend those who meet the criterias to give this scholarship a shot.