MARA Young Talent Development Programme (YTP)

The Young Talent Development Program (YTP) is an education sponsorship program in the form of a Convertible Loan under the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) for outstanding SPM graduates to continue their studies from the preparatory stage to the first degree level at selected institutions.

MARA YTP in a Nutshell

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All You Need to Know: Mara YTP

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  • At least 7As for the required subjects;
    • Applied Science (English, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, any other 2 subjects)
    • Social Science (English, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, any other 4 subjects)
  • Applicant and a parent must be Malaysian or Bumiputera
  • Took SPM for the first time
No documents are needed during the application process
Fill in the form through the official application portal
  • Applicants must sit for a psychometric test
  • MARA will automatically reject invalid applications
  • Due to the pandemic, this scholarship did not hold any interview session.

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