JPA-JKPJ is a special sponsorship program in the form of variable loan to students in sciences and social sciences to study at Japan, Korea, France and Germany.

JPA-JKPJ Scholarship in a Nutshell

The JPA-JKPJ scholarship offers opportunity to study at countries like Japan and Korea for science and social science students.

All You Need to Know: JPA-JKPJ Scholarship

  • Engineering (Japan, France, Germany )
  • Science and Technology (Korea, Germany, China)
  • Social Science (France)
  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. Sits SPM for the first time in the year taken
  3. Have not exceed 18 years old (19 for peralihan) when sitting for SPM
  4. Parents or family are not blacklisted by JPA
  5. SPM Result : Depends on course applied for.
  6. For Social Science : At least A for BM, Math, Addmath and two other subjects, and at least A- for English and History
  • Copy of IC
  • Copy of SPM Result
  • Onlince Application Form at website
  • Stage 1 - Application
  • Stage 2 - Personality Test & Video Essay
  • Stage 3 - Interview
  • Opinionated questions (What is your opinion on mental health)
  • Questions about aspirations and motivation for applying

Scholar Articles

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure". The articles below will guide you through the ins and outs of applying to these prestigious scholarships, so that you can successfully attain one!

Getting that JPA-JKPJ bread!

A smol guide to applying the Jpa-jkpj scholarship.